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Philosophy. Sociology. Psychology. Pedagogy
Year 2013 Issue 3 Total articles: 11
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Solovey I.V. Discursive being of a subject in the structures of life policy 003-009
Tereshkun O.F. Naturalistic understanding of technology in the paradigm of nonclassical scientific rationality 010-016
Yarkeev А.V. The conceptualization of social evil in the discourse of negative ontology 017-022
Vasilyev A.F. Rational choice in a communal apartment 023-028
Chumakov V.A. On the question of the law of social develoment 029-038
Gaynudinov A.R. Social and psychological satisfaction of the population of the Ulyanovsk region with implementation of the project of electronic health care 039-041
Gordynia N.D. The influence of field dependence-independence, impulsiveness-reflectiveness, rigidity-flexibility of cognitive control on the successive training of specialists for air traffic control 042-049
Danichev A.A., Manushkina M.M., Shestakov V.N Use of mathematical tools of binary relations by example of self-appraisal indirect measurement technique 050-053
Suntsova Ya.S. Image of a modern and ideal woman based on the opinions of men with different personal features 054-063
Vasina V.V., Novikova O.I. Taking into account psychological factors in teaching of foreign language 064-071
Yagupov V.V., Gumenniy A.D. Development of information culture of managers of vocational educational institutions as a pedagogical problem 072-077
Year 2013 Issue 3 Total articles: 11