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Journal authors' rules

Submission of a manuscript for publication in the journal "Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta [The Bulletin of Udmurt University]" is transferred to the Publisher with the transfer of exclusive rights to use the work (in traditional and electronic versions of individual issues of the Journal), published in electronic libraries and databases to disseminate information about the Journal and its authors, to improve citation during the entire period of the publication of the journal "Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta [The Bulletin of Udmurt University]" in all countries. By signing a contract the authors give their consent to the use of the paper in the press. The authors guarantee that their paper is an original work, and they have the exclusive author’s rights to it. The form of the License Agreement is placed on the Journal's website.

Articles may not be reproduced (in whole) without the prior written consent of the Publisher, except in cases justified by the objectives of citation. When citing, it is necessary to refer to the source of the publication – "Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta [The Bulletin of Udmurt University]".

A manuscript is registered when the executive secretary of a Series receives it. The following attachments are enclosed with a manuscript:

a) an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department (or other academic unit of the university (a research organization)) on the work approbation;
b) the recommendation of a doctor of sciences whose scientific specialty or a list of scientific papers is relevant to a scientific line of an article.

After reviewing, in the presence of some comments the manuscript is sent to the author (s) for revision. The author(s) should return the modified version of the article to the Editor together with the original copy not later than one week after receiving comments. If the manuscript is not returned by the author to the editorial board by the end of this period, or if more than two revisions are necessary then the original date of the manuscript registration is canceled. The date of receipt shall be the date of receipt of the final version of the article.

After editorial correction the manuscript is returned to the author (s) for approval (in no more than 3–7 days).

Dear authors! You are kindly requested to send materials for the publication to the editorial board of a series that you are interested in. Contact details can be found on the page of each series.

The editorial board of the scientific journal "Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta [The Bulletin of Udmurt University]" asks the authors to follow guidelines in preparing the manuscript for publication.

Attention! The only criterion for publication in the journal "Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta [The Bulletin of Udmurt University]" is the scientific level of a work which is revealed at its reviewing.

Rules of reviewing articles submitted to the journal the «Bulletin of Udmurt University»

1. Reviewing management

1.1. All articles and materials received by editorial boards of the journal "The Bulletin of Udmurt University" which is published in series: "Biology. Earth Sciences", "History and Phi-lology", "Economics and Law", "Mathematics. Mechanics. Computer Science", "Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogy" - are subjected to a mandatory scientific expertise. Single-blind review-ing is used.

1.2. Authors’ original articles are accepted for consideration only if the requirements, which are posted on the journal's website in the section "Journal authors’ rules" and in current issues of each series, are satisfied. Manuscripts prepared with violation of the requirements will not be considered and will not be returned to their authors.

1.3. Initial assessment of a manuscript is carried out by a chief editor of each series. He or she confirms that the paper fits journal’s profile and sends it for review.

1.4. The following persons are involved as reviewers: members of editorial boards of all series of the journal, highly qualified scientists and specialists of the Udmurt University and oth-er public educational institutions of higher education (correspondent members, doctors, profes-sors, PhDs), employees of academic and applied science institutes with scientific specialization closest to the research topic. A reviewer can not be the author or co-author of the paper under review. Original reviews are kept in the editorial office of "The Bulletin" for 5 years from the date of publication

1.5. The decision on the publication of articles and manuscripts submitted to "The Bulletin of Udmurt University" is made by a chief editor of each series on the basis of the recommen-dations of the editorial board and reviewers’ judgment. This takes into account the article rele-vance to the scientific profile of a corresponding series of the journal, as well as actuality and novelty of the research topic, its theoretical and practical importance. In case of rejection of ma-terials, a reasoned refusal together with the review is sent to the author. Further discussions with the author are not joined by the editors.

1.6. Information about a reviewer is anonymous for authors and are provided at the re-quest of expert councils the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The author is afforded an opportunity to read the text of the review. Confidentiality can be compro-mised only in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. The presence of a positive review is not sufficient to publish the article.

1.7. If a manuscript needs revision it is sent to its author with comments from the review-er and the scientific editor. The author should take into account all comments made during the process of reviewing and editing the paper, answer every question addressed to him. If the author disagrees with the reviewer or editor he should briefly and clearly justify his position. After making all the corrections, the author sends the paper for repeat reviewing.

1.8. An article that needs revision must be returned to the editorial office within 30 calen-dar days. In this case, the first entry date is maintained. Otherwise, the paper will have a new date of receipt.

1.9. If an article is accepted for publication, a pdf-file with its proofs will be sent to the author via e-mail. If the author notices in proofreading typos and inaccuracies, he will send to the editor a file with a detailed list of necessary corrections.

2. Requirements for the review content

The recommended length of reviews: one-two pages of A4 format.

2.1. A review should include a qualified, objective, reasoned analysis of the article and fair recommendations to its author.

2.2. A review states:

  • whether the subject of an article and its content fit the profile of a series, to which it was submitted;
  • whether the presented results of research are topical;
  • whether the materials meet the criterion of scientific novelty;
  • whether the level of the material contained in the paper is relevant to the modern achievements of science and technology;
  • whether the results obtained by the author are correct and significant in scientific or practical point of view;
  • whether the layout of the paper meets the requirements specified by the editorial board of the journal (the literary style of presentation, the required amount of text, the presence of abstracts in Russian and English languages, the availability of bib-liography and references to it in the text, the availability of contact information about authors and others.).

2.3. The final part of a review should contain conclusions about the quality of the article in general and:

  • either recommendation to its publication,
  • or some constructive comments suggesting its revision or modification,
  • or the statement about its inappropriate publication in the journal.

Chief Editor of "The Bulletin of Udmurt University" G.V. Merzlyakova